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9-11 Lower Redland Road, Bristol BS6 6TB

The Shop

Natural, organic foods just off Whiteladies Road

We’re proud to play a part in the Redland and Clifton communities of Bristol. For over 30 years, we’ve welcomed families, students, visitors and more to our whole foods shop and deli on Lower Redland Road.

We stock a variety of natural groceries, remedies, toiletries and fresh foods, so pop in and find all the natural products and friendly advice you could need.

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Opening hours

Monday - Saturday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


0117 973 1967

9-11 Lower Redland Road

What you can find in store


Everything needed for little bums and tums including nappies and wipes, fruit and veg pouches, natural remedies, suncream, toothpaste and natural remedies. Brands include Weleda, Ella’s Kitchen, Nelsons and Green People.

Beers & Wine

We have locally made beers, sulphite free and vegan wines and even Prosecco. The perfect accompaniments to any meal.


We have a wide range of natural products for skin, hair, beauty and body that are that are cruelty free, organic, paraben and sulfate free and often vegan. So you can be safe in the knowledge that you are also nurturing your body naturally from the outside. Products include Jasons, Lavera, Weleda, Sukin, Dr Haushka, Boho Beauty, Faith in Nature and many more.

Bread & Deli

Yummy Hobbs House Bread delivered fresh daily. Choose from a more classic wholemeal, over-night white or sandwich loaf or try something new like a turmeric sourdough or seeded spelt. Many loaves are organic and we also offer gluten-free alternatives from both Hobbs House and Pullins Bakeries.

Chilled Foods

Our chilled section is filled with your daily fridge staples plus some exciting and nutritious dairy-free and vegan alternatives. You’ll find milks, cheeses, tofu, yogurts, canned drinks, soups, pies, hummus, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and sprouted seeds. We include many organic, dairy free, raw, fermented and local products. Brands include Clearspring, Clives, Violife, Co-Yo, Ivy House Farm and Tofurky.


Here at Wild Oats we trade preferentially in products that follow the ‘Fairtrade’ ethos.  We are concerned that much of world trade is to the disadvantage of poorer nations, and has a direct impact on people’s lifestyle and health.  We aim to challenge this by trading in a manner that supports a sustainable world environment and economy.

We are committed to dealing fairly with all producers and suppliers whether they are based in far away lands or just down down the road.  As a result, our prices may seem higher than those you will find in the supermarkets.  Of course, as a small, independent retailer, we don’t have the buying power of the supermarkets and simply can’t compete.  But neither would we want to.  We strive to honour the true value of food and are prepared to pay fair prices for the food we stock.

Here are some of the brands we sell whose products carry the Fairtrade logo:

  • Doves Farm (biscuits, snack bars, cereal)
  • BioFair (cereal, quinoa, chocolate rice cakes)
  • Divine (chocolate)
  • The Raw Chocolate Company
  • Seed & Bean (chocolate)
  • Green & Black’s (chocolate, hot chocolate, cocoa)
  • Zaytoun (olives, olive oil, dates, almonds, cous-cous, za’atar)
  • Essential Trading (tea, herbs & spices, dried fruit, nuts, quinoa, rice, chocolate spread)
  • Tropical Wholefoods (dried fruit)
  • Bart’s (herbs & spices)
  • Equal Exchange (honey, coffee, nut butter, nuts, sugar, cocoa, chocolate)
  • Rayner’s (golden syrup)
  • Kallo (sweet and savoury rice cakes)
  • Landgarten (chocolate)
  • Grumpy Mule (coffee)
  • Union (coffee)
  • Cafe Direct (coffee)
  • Cafe Rebelde (Zapatista coffee)
  • Clipper (tea, coffee, hot chocolate)
  • Qi (tea)
  • Hampstead (tea)
  • Pukka (tea)
  • Vintage Roots (wine)
  • Tiana (coconut oil, coconut water)
  • Scheckters (energy drink)
  • Vego (chocolate)
  • Traidcraft (sugar, cookies, cleaning products)
  • Billington’s (sugar)
  • Mount Hagen (coffee)
  • Green People (natural beauty, hair and skincare)
  • Urtekram (natural beauty, hair and skincare)
  • Fair Squared (natural toiletries)
  • ChariTea (juices)

Frozen Foods

In our freezers you will find ice-creams and lollies galore including many dairy-free and vegan alternatives, frozen berries, ready-meals, frozen vegetables and vegetarian sausages and burgers. We also stock frozen bone-broth and chilled flax and hemp seed oils.

Raw and Deli Cakes

At our deli cake counter you will find a colourful and tempting range of cakes and sweet treats. We ensure that there are choices for special diets so we include, gluten free, refined-sugar free, vegan and raw options. Many of our cakes are from Bristol based companies such as Radeks and Anna Middletons Rawsome.


We pride ourselves on offering you all your daily grocery and bulk buy needs including many organic products. We want health options to remain affordable so wherever possible we keep our prices low. Our shop hosts tins and packages galore of many tasty foods and cooking ingredients. Our staff our knowledgeable so please do ask if you need any help at all.

Natural Remedies & Supplements

At Wild Oats we offer the widest range of natural remedies and supplements in Bristol. You can visit our advice desk where you will receive support with your queries in regard to vitamins, supplements and the use of natural remedies. Brands include Viridan, Vogal, Pukka, Solgar, Wild Nutrition, Natures Plus and Source of Life.

Raw & Superfoods

Along with our supplements and natural remedies you’ll also find raw and superfoods. Perfect for adding to smoothing and juices and with body boosting effects.

Special Diets

We make sure to offer options for many different diets. So if you are gluten intolerant, vegan, wheat free, dairy free or coeliac we can help support you in any ways including vitamins and supplements to support your body and brain.

Teas, Coffee & Juices

You’ll find our large range of teas, coffees and caffeine free alternatives in the bottom room of the store along with dairy free drinks, honey, sugar alternatives and a range of juices and soft-drinks. So if you’re a conscious coffee connoisseur or you just love a Pukka herbal tea tea we’ve got you covered.

Refills & Household

In our refills section you can refill your washing liquids and fabric softeners, washing up liquid and multi-purpose cleaners. We also stock faith in nature refills of shower-gel, shampoo, conditioner, bath foam and hand-wash. We are always finding ways to add new brands and actively encourage our customers to consider reducing their plastic waste.

Scoop Selection

Our famous scoop bins offer an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to packaged foods. If you bring your own containers we offer you a cheaper price on your dry foods at the till. We have lots of choice including pasta, rice an array of muesli’s and many organic whole foods. You’ll even find goji berries, dried mango, figs and tigernuts all ready to be scooped away.

Vegan Foods

You’ll find a wonderful array of vegan foods at Wild Oats. We pride ourselves in supporting bristols vegan diets. We have a number of Vegan staff members and they have been able to offer us many delicious suggestions for vegan foods including cookies and cakes, vegan cheeses and spreads, vegan chocolate and sweets and many more delicious alternatives.

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